Who we are

Think of Bettercope as your mental health’s older sibling. We have been where you are and are now on the other side. Here for you whenever you need us, wherever you are, helping you get answers, get skills, and get better – faster.

What we do

We bring together mental health professionals and peer advocates to create interactive online courses for you to Bettercope with BPD.

Why we do it

Our founding team started with one mission: to bring specialized support to those within the BPD community who did not have access to it.

Our Courses

Mental illness doesn’t just affect people living with the disorder, it touches the lives of everyone involved—friends, family, spouses. With Bettercope, everyone can get mental health education. Whether you’re living with a disorder or supporting a loved one, we’ll show you how to Bettercope with courses designed for you.

I want to start my own recovery journey.

I want to support a loved one’s journey.

Frequently asked questions

What is Bettercope?

Bettercope helps people living with Borderline Personality Disorder by providing online education through courses created by advocates and professionals with lived experience of the disorder. We give you the tools and skills to better cope with and overcome the symptoms holding you back. Our mission is to guide you through the recovery journey so you can live beyond BPD.

How is a Bettercope course different from free resources online?

Although there are tons of free resources out there for Borderline Personality Disorder (and many are really great), they are scattered, often biased, and across many different mediums. If you’ve ever gone down this rabbit hole, you know it’s a lot of work sifting through it all to find something that is both credible and relatable. We’ve done the work for you and brought together a group of both mental health professionals and peer advocates to create something that is high-quality, credible, and relatable – all in an engaging online learning experience.

How much does this cost?

Our courses are currently $250. Now you may ask, why not make these free? Well, over the past year and a half we have brought together a large team to design, develop, and produce these high-quality courses. In order to pay our incredible team and continue to create new courses, we have set our price to a one-time payment of $250 for lifetime access.

We also recently partnered with Klarna to make Bettercope courses even more affordable. Now you can split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments, meaning you can start your recovery journey with an initial payment as low as $62.50.

What is your refund policy?

If for ANY reason you decide that this course does not bring you the value we promised, then email refunds@bettercope.com within 7 days from purchase to get a 100% refund.

Is Bettercope a for-profit or a non-profit?

While Bettercope’s founding vision is to drive massive social impact by tackling the accessibility of mental health support, we are indeed a for-profit, self-funded company. This is by design. After lots of research, it became clear that using a for-profit model (rather than relying on charity) would be a faster and more sustainable solution for such an urgent problem.

That said, it is important to acknowledge that in the world of mental health support, the term “for-profit” carries with it a negative connotation since many companies have taken advantage of and prey on at-risk individuals within the community. Bettercope’s goal is student-centric and aimed at access, not profit. We’re putting our money where our mouth is. You can see our commitment in initiatives like Bettercope’s purposefully low pricing considering its value, and generous refund policy.

TLDR: Yes, we’re for-profit, because we believe it is the faster and most sustainable way to make the biggest social impact when it comes to the accessibility of mental health support. When you are curious about an organization’s intentions, whether for-profit or non-profit, the easiest way to see their intentions is by their actions. We invite you to judge us by our actions.

Can bettercope substitute for traditional face-to-face therapy?

No. Bettercope and any information provided by our instructors, is solely intended to provide psychoeducation to help users learn important mental health knowledge and skills. Any content on this site should not be taken as medical or psychiatric advice. Always consult your physician before making any decisions related to your physical or mental health.

How long will I need to participate in this course before I start to feel better?

Recovery is different for everyone, and it takes time and work. While we give you the knowledge and skills needed to tackle your mental health (and your life), the effort you put in determines the overall outcome. Bettercope works best if you’re ready to stick to a schedule and give it your all. But we’ll support you every step of the way.

Do you give homework or reading to do?

There is no required homework, but if you want to get the most out of your experience, we have included worksheets in some lessons that you can choose to complete.

Is this course completely online?

Yes, you can be anywhere in the universe with wifi, a laptop, ipad, or phone and use it to complete a course!

Is the recovery course right for me?

If you have been diagnosed with or believe that you are living with Borderline Personality Disorder, then this course might be a good option to you. First though, a few thoughts to keep in mind: In order to for this course to truly be beneficial to you, we only encourage those who are willing to put in the work to enroll. While we give you all of the knowledge and skills you need to start working towards your recovery journey, it won’t be as helpful if it is not acted on. So if you are tired of JUST surviving, and are ready to put in the work to create a life you are happy living, then this course is for you.

Is the supporter course right for me?

If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with or believes they are living with Borderline Personality Disorder, then this course is a good option for you. We know how overwhelming it can be when you don’t know what to say, how to say it, or what will help. This and more is covered within this course. So if you are looking to be an informed part of your loved one’s recovery journey, and are willing to put in the work, then this course can help you work towards a happier and healthier relationship with your loved one.

Are you ready to Bettercope?

Wether you or your loved one needs support, we have a whole team of passionate mental health professionals and advocates here to support you along the journey.